A Simple but Delicious Banana Bread Recipe

banana bread recipe

Welcome back to another experiment in the kitchen with Liv! Today we are making a super tasty banana bread recipe, brought to you by a recipe from the ever perfect Martha Stewart. I mean is there anything she can’t do?  Advertisements

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15 Ways to Practice Self Care

self care ideas

Happy February everyone! I hope 2017 is treating you well, and you are on your way to accomplishing your goals for the year. One of my many goals for 2017 is to live more mindfully, intentionally and consciously. It can be easy to overload your plate at the start of the new year, we all […]

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Facial Oils // What They Are and How To Use Them

best facial oils

At first glance, facial oils may seem like a “no no”. You may be thinking, “Are you kidding me, you want me to put oil on my face? ” But just hear me out, they truly are good for you, and when used correctly, can truly benefit your skin in a multitude of ways. 

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Faithful Friday: New Year, New You

With the New Year’s resolutions made,  2017 plans set, and millions heading out to the gym (including myself-wayyyy too much chocolate eaten this holiday season), this is the time when everyone thinks of self-improvement and transformation. You may not think God speaks about putting away the old, and embracing the new but He does. Open […]

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Holiday Party Ready Gingerbread Loaf

classic gingerbread loaf

Nothing screams “holiday season” more than a nice cup of hot chocolate paired with a warm dessert. Gingerbread is a classic symbol of Christmas, and today I am sharing with you a simple gingerbread loaf recipe that you can whip up in an hour. This is perfect for those last minute holiday dinners or parties […]

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Jewelry With A Purpose

Someone please tell me I am no the only one that loves to spend hours perusing Etsy for cute handmade items.From home decor to skincare to clothing to much more, Etsy sellers make some really amazing products.

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A Peek at My Christmas Wishlist

christmas wishlist ideas

Christmas wishlists, gift guides, and holiday music flood the air, can you believe there are less than two weeks left until Christmas day?! Where has the year flown to? In honor of the festivities in the air and my last final exam being taken today (let’s be real I should probably be studying right now) […]

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Finding Happiness

Life is a crazy, wonderful mess, and sometimes you are thrown more than it seems you can take. It can be easy to get bogged down in the little things, and life can seem a hole that is impossible to climb out of. I know, I’ve been there. Each person’s road to happiness and to […]

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Favorite Ways to Relax and Unwind

I’m just going to admit it: adulting is stressful. College is absolutely amazing and I am enjoying every minute of it, but some days are tough. Papers, projects, tests and commitments are always pressing and always on my mind. So, when I am feeling overwhelmed and needing some “me” time, these activities help me relax […]

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20 Random Facts About Me

What better way to get to know the girl behind the blog than to answer some truly random facts about me. Hopefully this will make you feel more connected to me and hopefully you will stick around to check out more on this blog! 

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