Fair Trade Jewelry with Fair Anita


Have you ever thought about where your clothes come from? Who made them? It’s something that has been on my mind for a while now. When I purchase a piece of clothing, a jewelry item, I want to know that my money goes towards sustainable, ethical companies that put the lives of their workers first.

Fair Anita was founded on the idea that women can change the world. Women can support each other and help each other thrive. When you shop from Fair Anita, you are creating fair trade jobs for women in Chile, Ethiopia, Peru, Jordan and India.

The Dessa ring pictured above is from the Artisan shop in Lima, Peru. This is what Fair Anita has to say about their sterling silver shop:

This little workshop on the outskirts of Lima is creating some of the most high-quality sterling silver jewelry we’ve ever seen!  They make every tiny piece by hand, including the tiny little earring backs (you can tell they’re handmade when you compare two together; plus, each one is stamped .925). This cooperative is managed by a team of women, and both men and women are involved in the making of the jewelry. Watching these artisans create the jewelry really is a treat– it’s amazing how they can create tiny pieces individually with such consistency.  Artisans are paid 3x or more the minimum wage of Peru.  They have a great, airy workshop and use primarily recycled sterling metal to create their products!

I have been loving how simple yet high quality this ring is. It adds just the right touch to every look, and the mission behind the ring is beautiful! Every time I wear it, I am reminded to support and love those around me, because, at the end of the day, we truly are all in this together.

Have you ever shopped from a fair trade fashion company, what do you think of the movement?




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