Beauty Pie // A New Kind of Beauty Membership

I honestly hadn’t heard of Beauty Pie until I saw a video Fleur de Force made all about the brand and how much she loved them. The whole concept of Beauty Pie is incredibly unique, and I knew I had to share their story with all of you!

So what is Beauty Pie? It is a makeup company stated in the UK, with the mission to bring luxurious cosmetics to the consumer without the markups that traditionally come with buying makeup.

With Beauty Pie, you pay a monthly membership fee of $10.00 when you join the team, and you are allowed to buy up to $100.00 of makeup at cost.Or, you are free to buy their makeup at regular retail price with no membership. Just to give you a price exchange, their Great Skin foundation retails for $44.00, but with the membership, it is brought down to $5.21! Crazy right?! Any unused monthly allowance is rolled over so you can shop when you want!


Not only is their makeup a great price, it is really beautiful! Their Uber Curl mascara is BOMB ladies, BOMB! I have been wearing it every day, non-stop!

The makeup is not all-natural and completely clean, just gotta put it out there. However, everything is Paraben-Free and vegan, which is better than a lot of drugstore brands (cough… Maybelline and Covergirl… cough). Parabens are the main ingredient I avoid, so I am okay with using these products. It’s all about making better decisions, not trying to e perfect 100% of the time. Let’s be real, I still want my makeup to look good!

I also tried out their ProGlow Highlighter, their Great Skin Foundation, Lip Gloss and their Lipstick. I would say that the ProGlow is amazing and totally worth the full retail price, but most of their makeup was average, good but not spectacular, ya know?

I would recommend Beauty Pie to any thrifty beauty junkie who likes to try out a lot of makeup, but also wants to save whenever possible!



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Hi! My name is Olivia, but feel free to call me Liv. I am a college student who is here to be your best friend and inspire you in a world filled with negativity. You will find beauty reviews, style looks, and lifestyle posts throughout this site! Enjoy!

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