Which to pick? Organic and All-Natural Sunless Tanner

Natural and organic self tanner

You may be surprised to find that many of your favorite conventional sunless tanners are filled with nasty ingredients that can cause a disruption to your endocrine system or give you an allergic reaction. Such is the case with a few of my past favorite sunless tanners, so I decided to go on a hunt to […]

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Luxury and Clean Beauty // Bare Element Box

Have you ever wanted to delve into clean beauty products, but didn’t want to splash out on one product you weren’t even sure you were going to like? I know I have. When I chose to make the conscious choice to switch over my products to clean and healthy alternatives, it was a bit overwhelming. […]

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A Simple but Delicious Banana Bread Recipe

banana bread recipe

Welcome back to another experiment in the kitchen with Liv! Today we are making a super tasty banana bread recipe, brought to you by a recipe from the ever perfect Martha Stewart. I mean is there anything she can’t do? 

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15 Ways to Practice Self Care

self care ideas

Happy February everyone! I hope 2017 is treating you well, and you are on your way to accomplishing your goals for the year. One of my many goals for 2017 is to live more mindfully, intentionally and consciously. It can be easy to overload your plate at the start of the new year, we all […]

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Winter Beauty Essentials // Green and All-Natural

Green Beauty WInter Skincare

Snow, Christmas, Hot Chocolate and Warm Blankets. All of these things are wonderful parts of winter. However, it can bring dryness, tightness, and discomfort to the face and body. These are a few of my absolute favorite skin and body care products that are all natural, green and vegan. Not only are these going to […]

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Natural Skincare Designed For Young Skin // Saribelle Skincare Line

Welcome back to another week, another Tried and Tested Tuesday! When I first discovered Saribelle Skincare, the first thing I thought was “how cute is this packaging!?” With a shadow of a princess, the logo speaks to the name. Saribelle is a combination of two names. “Sarit” which means princess, and “belle” meaning beautiful.

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Facial Oils // What They Are and How To Use Them

best facial oils

At first glance, facial oils may seem like a “no no”. You may be thinking, “Are you kidding me, you want me to put oil on my face? ” But just hear me out, they truly are good for you, and when used correctly, can truly benefit your skin in a multitude of ways. 

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Natural Beauty // Au Naturale Eyeshadows

Another day, another Tried and Tested Tuesday! We are diving deeper into the green beauty world and taking a look at what Au Naturale Cosmetics has to offer. I was sent a few of their creme and powder eyeshadows to review for you guys, and here are my thoughts! *Some links may be affiliate links, used to […]

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All Natural and Freshly Made // TrueFormulation Rose Skincare

Welcome back to another Tried and Tuesday! Who’s been liking it so far? TrueFormulation Skincare is on the chopping block today, in particular, their Honey+Rose Skincare line. A bit about the brand: TrueFormulation was created by Sophie to be a premium skincare that is 100 percent natural. Free of artificial fragrances and chemical additives, this […]

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